Wikivoyage is a great resource, but it didn't have an API. Now it does.


I'm sorry to report that I've discontinued the WikiSherpa apps for Android and iOS: they were out-of-date and heavily burdened by technical debt, and required much more maintenance than I could give them. I would open-source them, but honestly, the code is so old, clumsy, kludgy and ugly that I truly don't think it's worth it.

I am maintaining this JSON API, and will be happy to provide full unlimited access to it to anyone who creates free new client apps.

API Details

All the API endpoints are accessed via HTTP GETs; all responses are in JSON. Click to see examples.

Returns the number of requests for your API key or IP number so far today. Does not affect that number.
Returns a complete Wikivoyage page, in hierarchical JSON format, with wikimarkup formatted into simple HTML. Includes a list of subpages (eg 'Manhattan' and 'Brooklyn' within 'New York City') and geocodes listing addresses where possible.
Searches Wikivoyage and returns a list of pages whose contents best match the query.
Pages Near
Returns a list of pages nearest the given lat/long coordinates.
Listings Near
Returns a list of listings nearest the given lat/long coordinates.


This is a beta release.

Access Rules

Access is free but currently rate-limited by IP number to 100 requests/day. Contact me at to get a free API key that will increase that limit to 250 requests/day. If that's insufficient for your needs, let me know and we'll work something out.