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Wikivoyage is a great resource, but it didn't have an API. Now it does.


The is a beta release.

Access Rules

Access is free but currently rate-limited by IP number to 100 requests/day. Contact me at to get a free API key that will increase that limit to 250 requests/day. If that's insufficient for your needs, let me know and we'll work something out.

Technical Details

All the API endpoints are accessed via HTTP GETs; all responses are in JSON. Click to see examples.

Returns the number of requests for your API key or IP number so far today. Does not affect that number.
Returns a complete Wikivoyage page, in hierarchical JSON format, with wikimarkup formatted into simple HTML. Includes a list of subpages (eg 'Manhattan' and 'Brooklyn' within 'New York City') and geocodes listing addresses where possible.
Searches Wikivoyage and returns a list of pages whose contents best match the query.
Pages Near
Returns a list of pages nearest the given lat/long coordinates.
Listings Near
Returns a list of listings nearest the given lat/long coordinates.